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  • Premier Outdoor Gear

    Premium Double Hammock

    Affordable, high quality hammock for your next backpacking adventure.



Founded in 2016, Premier Outdoor Gear, POG, was the coming together of avid outdoor enthusiasts with over 100 years of combined product and business experience. The founders noticed two things about outdoor gear: You could find high priced high quality gear or you could get low price, low quality gear.  POG saw the need for high quality gear at a bargain price that carries a warranty and support.

POG prides itself on carrying a range of products that cater to the budget minded while still offering the best quality, sometimes even better than the largest brands.  You can rest assured that our team of adventurers has tested each product we offer and deemed it worthy of the POG name.  You can try our products with the peace of mind that we offer a quality guarantee and a one year warranty.  

POG offers how to videos and full product demonstrations so there will be no surprise in what you receive and how it will perform. We look forward to counting you among the many satisfied POG customers.



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